Course Overview

    1. ChatGPT for SEO & Content Marketers: The Fundamentals Course

    1. What is ChatGPT

    2. What Can ChatGPT Do?

    3. What Are The Limitations Of ChatGPT?

    1. Why ChatGPT Will Change Our Industry Forever

    2. Benefit 1 - Automating Repetitive Tasks

    3. Benefit 2 - Quickly Answering Questions & Sourcing Information

    4. Benefit 3 - Defeating Creative Blocks + Building First Drafts

    5. Benefit 4 - Analyzing Data and Information

    6. Benefit 5 - Informing and Building Strategies

    7. Benefit 6 - Scaling Your Production and Deliverable Capacity

    1. How To Sign Up and Log In + Account Overview

    2. How To Create Your First Chat & Interact With ChatGPT

    1. Tip #1 - Get Extremely Specific With Your Prompts

    2. Tip #2 - Regenerate Responses Often + Use Verbs At The Beginning Of Your Prompts

    3. Tip #3 - Ask It To Continue and Expand on Responses Until You're Satisfied

    4. Tip #4 - When ChatGPT Pushes Back, Don't Give Up and Get Creative

    5. Tip #5 - Describe How You Want Your Output Formatted

    1. Use Case 1 - Creating A Content Strategy

    2. Use Case 2 - Writing A Blog Post Draft

    3. Use Case 3 - Generating SEO Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

    4. Use Case 4 - Performing Keyword Research

    5. Use Case 5 - Creating Excel Formulas For Tool Building + Writing Code

    6. Use Case 6 - Summarizing Text To Improve Productivity

    7. Use Case 7 - Building Content Briefs For Writers + Content Topic Generation

    8. Use Case 8 - Finding Link Building, Business Directory, and PR Opportunities

    9. Use Case 9 - Quick Answers To Questions & Problem Solving Help

About this course

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  • Aishwarya R.

    This course on ChatGPT was straight fire! The instructor made everything crystal clear and I'm already implementing what I've learned into my own projects. It was insightful, engaging and I'm officially hooked on the topic now.

  • Peter M.

    This was a really great course for a marketer just breaking into the ChatGPT world with relevant prompt and usage examples!

  • Ryan

    Amazing course filled with a ton of nuggets about SEO and content creation. Glad I invested in myself and bought this course. Good stuff!

Meet Your Sensei

Ken Marshall


Ken “Magma” Marshall is a multiple-time founder (mostly failures, a few big wins, lots of lessons) and currently a partner at RevenueZen - an organic growth marketing agency. He’s been battling Google / obsessing over helping brands grow through sustainable SEO & content strategies for the last 7 years. To prove it, search for "B2B SEO Agency". ;) On top of his professional pursuits, he's also a husband, brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor, coffee addict, recovering foodie, and mini Australian shepherd puppy dad. His favorite thing to do in this world to help empower others to live a more meaningful and fulfilling existence by finding the intersection of their skills, interests, and biggest opportunities. Thank you so much for checking out my page and I hope you enjoy your course! Cheers, Ken

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